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Our proprietary Real Estate Broker Operating System (REB OS) enables you to recruit, retain and measure to drive profitability better than ever before!

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In today’s world technology powers performance. Based on our 40+ years of experience and work with hundreds of brokerages we have developed an integrated set of tools to easily and quickly apply the 7 Core Competencies© of highly productive real estate brokerages.




We will help you identify how your business can best serve you and which Core Competencies to initially focus on to achieve your personal and professional goals. Then within the REB OS you will create a strategic and financial plan for your brokerage.

Your strategic plan will integrate with the 7 Core Competencies© to create a system to achieve a high level of performance.

Your ICBC coach will guide you on how to integrate this revolutionary technology into your business.

Client Testimonials

“The merger and acquisition that ICBC helped us with was probably the biggest deal that’s happened in our local real estate market. It was executed perfectly, and it probably wouldn’t have happened without their guidance.”

Gary Miller

Broker, RE/MAX of Pueblo Inc.

"Wayne and his team were instrumental in delivering a systemized process to the entire sales team and he took our business to another level."

Michael Beckette

President, M3 Ventures

“My partner and I were very successful agents that didn’t have a business. We wanted to build a brokerage that we could operate at 30,000 feet and not be involved in the day-to-day operations. ICBC helped make that happen. I feel more comfortable in business than I ever have before.”

Larry Schottenstein

President, RE/MAX Revealty

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