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Wayne Einhorn, MBA

Wayne Einhorn, MBA


Wayne Einhorn is an internationally renowned speaker, C-Suite executive, Performance Architect, and board member who has been involved at all levels in the real estate business for thirty-five years.

Wayne started his first business venture at the age of sixteen and progressed to the real estate and mortgage industry at age nineteen. From selling to leading large companies to brokerage ownership to consulting, Wayne’s unique approach to the business has kept him at the top of the industry throughout his career.

After selling his successful multi-office brokerage firm, Wayne pursued his lifelong dream of completing his MBA at the prestigious Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. He has also assisted hundreds of brokers through the valuation, merger and acquisition process and has co-authored a bestselling book called “Are You Undervaluing your Brokerage.”

Larry Schottenstein

Larry Schottenstein


As a broker-owner of the largest RE/MAX office in central Ohio, Larry brings over 30 years of experience in sales management, training, and coaching.

He is highly regarded for his professional expertise and willingness to invest in the success of others.

Larry is the recipient of the Columbus Board of Realtors’ prestigious “Instructor of the Year “award. He earned this honor as a result of delivering coaching, motivation, and education to thousands of agents over the years. Known around town for his unique teaching style, Larry has empowered the careers of countless real estate consultants.
With his inspiring leadership and strong-willed determination, he has led his team of agents toward consistent growth year after year. Larry has a degree in finance from Miami University and began his career in real estate development and management. His brokerage has received multiple awards over the years with the most notable ones being the Better Business Bureau “Integrity Award” and “RE/MAX Broker of the Year for Ohio”.

When not in the office, Larry enjoys many outdoor activities. He was a white-water rafting guide, taking groups down the class 5 and 6 rapids in West Virginia. Now he races his sailboat, plays pickleball and does CrossFit regularly. Larry loves walking his dogs daily and was a “puppy raiser” training a puppy to go into service for Canine Companions for Independence. A true foodie Larry is often in the kitchen creating tasty delights and smoking meats on his smoker.

Larry’s wife, Amy is a real estate consultant. They have 4 adult children and are both active in local community organizations.

Andrew Papageorge

Andrew Papageorge

Chief Innovator

In 1990, Andrew created the Go Innovate! Systema systemic approach to strategic thinking and innovation in business. He has led thousands of innovations in strategy, structure, process, human resources, technology and finance.

His clients include American Express, U.S. Air Force, ExxonMobile, Nordstrom’s, Intel and hundreds of other organizationslarge and small. Over 250,000 people have participated in Andrew’s programs. Altogether, Andrew has built five businesses, selling one to a Fortune 100 company and has authored a dozen books and learning programs on personal and business success.

At Inner Circle Broker Coaching Andrew focuses on innovating business systems that deliver an extraordinary experience for all members of the ICBC Community. His clients and colleagues characterize Andrew as insightful, creative,and compassionate. Andrew has been married to Mary Ann for 42 years and they have one son.

Aishwarya Balan

Aishwarya Balan

Marketing Director

Aishwarya Balan is a seasoned marketing professional with over 12 years of global experience spanning various industries. In her current role as Marketing Director at ICBC, she excels in implementing strategies that drive business growth and promote brand value.

Beyond her professional achievements, Aishwarya cherishes family time, enjoying moments bonding over music and long drives.

Her dedication to both work and personal life reflects her balanced approach to living, while her heart for mission work drives her to make a positive impact beyond the boardroom.

Mario Bucci

Mario Bucci

Chief Financial Officer

Mario has a CPA designation with a Bachelor of Business Management. He has over 40 years of experience in finance across several sectors from mining and manufacturing to real estate development.

Mario is solutions focused. His strong time management, organizational skills, and ability to identify and implement efficiencies support his goal for continuous quality improvement.

In his free time, Mario enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar, listening to music, and traveling.


John Fischer

John Fischer

Chief Technology Officer

John Fischer started his real estate career at age 22 working in residential, new construction and the mortgage industry. Within a few short years, he started his own brokerage business and eventually sold that business to a competitor 10 years later.

Wanting a change of pace and realizing the immense growth around technology and innovation, John pivoted his career to focus on tech in and around real estate and eventually the global mobility industry. John became a partner in an innovation studio called Pickup and today has the pleasure of working with a variety of tech driven organizations looking to build, launch and/or grow their businesses.

Norma Rawlings

Norma Rawlings

President, Broker VMA

Norma Rawlings has a B.A. in French, a J.D. in Law and an MBA in business administration.  She has spent the past 21 years in the real estate industry in various capacities from commercial and industrial developer to multi-residential builder to portfolio owner to property manager to strategic asset management. She has rarely met a problem property she didn’t want to fix

With her legal and business background, she has consulted over the years to numerous companies and individuals looking to sell their businesses.  She brings a mediator’s mentality to the table and enjoys helping people plan their own succession and organize the sale or purchase of their business in a mutually beneficial fashion.  She believes that finding the right fit between buyer and seller is critical, and she does her best to ensure even difficult issues don’t devolve into conflict.

When not working, Norma can be found in the pool, at the rink watching her boys play hockey, in the barn watching her girls ride or in the gym. She enjoys exploring, then writing about her adventures, and always appreciates a good book.

Emma Gugula

Emma Gugula

Content Marketing Manager

Meet Emma Gugula, an experienced marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in a variety of industries, including higher education, land development, and tourism. She’s skilled in market research, branding, digital marketing, social media and content marketing. Emma is a creative problem-solver, excellent communicator, and passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest marketing and design trends.

Outside of work, Emma can often be found enjoying food at new restaurants, diving into a new book, relaxing at the family cottage, and spending time with her husband and two children.

Sharla gurbuxani

Sharla gurbuxani

Innovation Assistant

Sharla is an Innovation Assistant who values growth and learning. With a 6-year background in hospitality, she’s constantly seeking opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills, which led her to this new role. 

 Off the clock, she cherishes spending quality time with her family, enjoying moments with her dog and finds peace exploring local beaches.” 

Client Testimonials

“The merger and acquisition that ICBC helped us with was probably the biggest deal that’s happened in our local real estate market. It was executed perfectly, and it probably wouldn’t have happened without their guidance.”

Gary Miller

Broker, RE/MAX of Pueblo Inc.

"Wayne and his team were instrumental in delivering a systemized process to the entire sales team and he took our business to another level."

Michael Beckette

President, M3 Ventures

“My partner and I were very successful agents that didn’t have a business. We wanted to build a brokerage that we could operate at 30,000 feet and not be involved in the day-to-day operations. ICBC helped make that happen. I feel more comfortable in business than I ever have before.”

Larry Schottenstein

President, RE/MAX Revealty

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