It's all about you achieving your vision.

Inner Circle Broker Coaching is designed around the 7 Core Competencies © of highly successful brokerages. All are essential for broker owners and brokerage managers to achieve exceptional strategic, operational, and financial outcomes.

Each competency includes specific attitudes, knowledge and skills. When the seven competencies are integrated into a system the result is game changing for driving swift, efficient and continual growth.



Right attitude

Essential knowledge

Proficient skills

Proven Success

The 7 Core Competencies © will assure your business can attain it’s long and short term goals. They are verified by thousands of hours of working with hundreds of top brokerages all over the world .


Let’s take a quick look at some of what is included in each competency.

  • Leadership begins with clarifying your mission, creating a vision, and establishing organizational values.
  • We will provide you with the structure and process to establish or simply emphasize these more in your organization.
  • You will generate more profit having everyone aligned with the business’s mission, vision and values.
  • You also create a roadmap for greater personal successhealth, family time…
  • New and emerging ideas are explored and how to leverage them to your benefit.
Business Model
  • Learn where you are wasting profits as compared to successful benchmarks in the industry
  • Establish financial reporting so you can clearly understand what is working and not working in your business
  • Ensure your costs are aligned to your business model
  • Integrate all key areas including facility, technology, administration, management, and marketing costs that make up your business model
  • Create real, sellable value in your brokerage and stop competing on price
  • Improve recruiting and retention numbers with real value
  • Change an unprofitable model into a profitable one, or a declining profit into an increasing profit
  • Understand your key differentiators and real value and where it fits in recruiting
  • Learn the fastest way of increasing the profit in your brokerage
  • You will apply strategies and processes to help agents become more productive
  • Understand your key differentiators and real value and where it fits in retention
  • Lower your attritionstop the bleeding (losing as many as you recruit)
  • Apply strategies and process to help agents be more productive
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Understand how to value your business and what the key elements are in calculating value
  • Simplify the buying and selling of a brokerage and manage the downside risk to maintain value
  • Review best practices from the industry to increase the sustainable cash flow of your business and therefore drive-up equity value
  • Study the process of a transaction so you are informed whether buying or selling becomes your strategy
Financial Management
  • Emerging Technologies that Maximize Performance in Your Brokerage
  • Add Value to Your Brokerage With a Good CRM
  • Change an unprofitable model into a profitable one, or a declining profit into an increasing profit

Achieve New Levels of Success

Exceed your profitability goals

Become a more effective leader

Build a profitable brokerage

Attract people YOU want to work with

Increase your free time to spend on doing things you love

Compete and win, even in the most competitive real estate markets

Improve agent retention and productivity

Evolve your business model to meet your changing environment

Control your business instead of letting your business control you

Effectively work on your business instead of in your business

Have more confidence and a feeling of accomplishment

Sell your brokerage for the correct value and top dollar

Our Current and Past Clients

Client Testimonials

“The merger and acquisition that ICBC helped us with was probably the biggest deal that’s happened in our local real estate market. It was executed perfectly, and it probably wouldn’t have happened without their guidance.”

Gary Miller

Broker, RE/MAX of Pueblo Inc.

"Wayne and his team were instrumental in delivering a systemized process to the entire sales team and he took our business to another level."

Michael Beckette

President, M3 Ventures

“My partner and I were very successful agents that didn’t have a business. We wanted to build a brokerage that we could operate at 30,000 feet and not be involved in the day-to-day operations. ICBC helped make that happen. I feel more comfortable in business than I ever have before.”

Larry Schottenstein

President, RE/MAX Revealty

Grow Your Real Estate Brokerage Smarter and Faster

Working smarter, not harder, brings faster results, more profitability, faster growth, and more time to do what you love!


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